What details of mine do you collect?

We only collect the details that you provide us. Kindly refer to our Privacy policy.

Are my details secured with you?

Yes. Every detail we collect from our customers are treated with all confidentiality. Kindly refer to our Privacy policy

Is there warranty for all of your devices?

Yes, there is an accessible one-year warranty on all of our devices

How long does my warranty run for?

The warranty runs for a year, effective from the day of purchase of device

In case my warranty expires, do I have access to an after sales service support?

Yes, there is an after sales service support available for you.

Who should I contact in case I have a technical issue with a device?

In case you have a technical related issue, kindly email : techline@xtremtechnologies.com or call 0540122234 to speak to our technical desk.

How long will it take for my technical concerns to be answered?

Dependent on your issue, your concern can be answered immediately or the technical desk will inform you of the necessary processes in order to get your concerns resolved.

Can I get Xtrem Technologies to supply me with a device(s) based on my requirements?

Yes, we are ever ready to assist you get a device(s) to meet your business processes. Kindly send your set of requirements to sales@xtremtechnologies.com and we will respond accordingly.

I am running a project soon can I get a device of my choice for Proof of Concept (POC) as a company?

Yes, we are ready to make available or recommend a device for all POC’s. Your company must write a formal letter of request endorsed by a person of authority in the company and mailed to sales@xtremtechnologies.com. Our sales team will revert with the next line of action.

Which payment channels are available for me to use?

We accept payments via Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque

What is the basic payment plan available for me?

For individuals, a 100% payment is required before goods are delivered. For companies, a 50% down payment is required before dispatch of goods and the other 50% upon receipt of goods no later than 20 working days.

How soon do I get the devices I ordered delivered?

At minimum, devices are delivered within two (2) working days if stock is available. Dependent on your location, delivery may exceed the above mentioned days and charges may apply. Kindly enquire sales@xtremtechnologies.com to check on the number of days applicable to your order.

How do get a quote on the devices I desire?

Kindly fill the request for quote form on our website and an agent will respond accordingly.

Where do I get parts and accessories to buy for any of your devices?

All parts and accessories to any of our devices can be purchased from our offices. Kindly email techline@xtremtechnologies.com or call 0540122234

Is there an accessible discount for orders?

Yes, a discount is available for a minimum order quantity of 20 units of devices

Is there a room available for customization of devices?

Yes, with a minimum order quantity of 300units of devices, customizations can be made. Kindly email sales@xtremtechnologies.com in that regard.

How can I access my warranty?

After identifying an issue with your device, email techline@xtremtechnologies.com or call 0540122234 to log the issue with them. If your issue involves bringing the devices to our office, kindly come with your proof of purchase and the technical desk will attend to you.